55″ SEALOC 4K Series Outdoor TV with Waterproof Components


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  • Size: 55″
  • Weatherproof Televison
  • Waterproof Components
  • Custom Made Outdoor Television
  • Sealoc TV
Sealoc Outdoor TVs Weatherproof TVs with Waterproof Protection For Residential or Commercial Use Every Sealoc Outdoor Television and Accessories is now more protected than any outdoor product in the market, by using a new technology called Nano-Coating. This military based coating now makes it possible for electronics to be submerged without any casing so that the device would look and contain its normal shape without any covers. This protection now makes the Sealoc TVs and our accessories protected from water, moisture, humidity, and salt air conditions. It has even been tested in salt water for up to 8 hours and still be functional. While all other Outdoor TV companies are trying to protect the TV from the outside we secure the inside as the prime protection.


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