High Definition Has Arrived

A while back, Sony, Sharp, Canon and JVC announced the creation of a new high definition video standard for video cameras – HDV. HDV utilizes MPEG-2 image compression with a definition of 1080 lines and a 16:9 aspect ratio. Shortly after that, Sony opened the door to high definition by creating the first HDV camcorder, …

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Sony HDW-F900 HD Cine Alta

The Sony HDW-F900 Cine Alta is a ground breaking digital HD camera that extends both the digital heitage of the company and it’s unrivalled experience in the art of imaging. The physical resemblance of the HDW-900 to the very successful Digital Betacam is intentional, although there are some subtle but very relevant changes that help …

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Sony BRC-H700

The Sony BRC-H700 high definition video camera is designed for a variety of remote acquisition applications, especially in television production for recording programs and for use as a weather or even traffic camera. The PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) camera can display images onto a large screen in auditoriums, teaching hospitals, sporting events, trade shows, and …

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Movie-like home theater projectors for entertainment within your reach

Going to the movies is a common and most popular recreation especially for young professionals living a very stressful life of running corporate affairs. However, for some who cannot afford to waste the time traveling to and from movie theaters, the answer to this recreational endeavor might be just inside your own living room. Bring …

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