Sony HDW-F900 HD Cine Alta

The Sony HDW-F900 Cine Alta is a ground breaking
digital HD camera that extends both the digital
heitage of the company and it’s unrivalled experience
in the art of imaging. The physical resemblance
of the HDW-900 to the very successful Digital
Betacam is intentional, although there are some
subtle but very relevant changes that help to further
enhance operational familiarity and ease of usage.

Because of the outstanding picture quality and
flexibility, this video camera offers a new and
important alternative to 24 frame film origination
for major television productions and even commercials
as well. The HDW-F900 is already known as the
digital movie camera, ideal for exploring new
horizons in the making of digital movies.

What really separates the HDW-F900 from other
HD video cameras is its ability to capture and
record digital high definition pictures – at 24
progressive frames per second, just like a
conventional film camera.

The moving pictures are digitally imaged in
accordance with the common image format standard,
which will specify a sampling structure of 1920
active pixels horizontally by 1080 active pixels
vertically. What makes the HDW-F900 so exciting
is that along with recording at 24p, it is also
switchable to record at 25p, 30p progressive scan,
and also at 50 or 60 Hz interlaced.

The HDW-F900 produces picture with amazing color
reproduction accuracy. The Multi Matrix function
will also offer unique possibilities for creating
intervention by allowing selective color
enhancement of alteration. The Multi Matrix will
also allow particular colors to be selected and
the hue changes over a range of 20 degrees.

Contrast rage
The HDW-F900 can handle an amazing contrast
range. For the most demanding of light settings
and scene conditions, a number of useful
operational features are available that allow
image optimization in real time to help capture
the desired mood and setting for a shot.

Soft focus
The soft focus adjustment is extremely convenient
for those who find digital images to be too
shrap and allows cinematic or even film like
images to be created.

Adoptive detail control
This feature allows the image detail enhancement
in the highlight area to look even more natural.

If you’ve been looking for the best high definition
video camera on the market, the Sony HDW-F900 is
it. This camera offers you plenty of features
and options, more than you could ever use if
you aren’t a professional.

For professionals, the HDW-F900 is the way to do
business. The camera offers you everything you
need for professional shoots, taking things to
new levels. When the time comes to get the best
HD video camera on the market – the HDW-F900 is
all you need.